Feel like it’s time to slow down, recognise your inner strengths and show up as the confident, secure, and calm woman you want to be? I can help you.

“I’m not good enough” is a constant thought in your head. Your body always feels tense and your mind is never quiet.

Sound familiar?

You keep repeating the same unhelpful roles and patterns in your relationships.

You try to push forward and figure out by yourself how to change this (because it’s difficult for you to ask for help and positive thinking isn’t working).

This might show up for you in your life in different ways such as:

I use all my skills of counselling and Psychotherapy for whatever is troubling you to help you see new perspectives and create the life you want.

how would it feel to be...

My practice is rooted in hope. Ask yourself one courageous question. What areas of your life are holding you back or simply not working?

I can help change this.

Through Our Bespoke Online Or Telephone Sessions Together You Will:​

Let me help you heal and grow

I am a Psychosynthesis Therapeutic Counsellor. This is a unique soulful approach to Psychology that infuses the practical with the spiritual. I offer a tailored tool kit for everyday problems and deeper issues guided by you.

I bring all of me into my work. I am present and down to earth. I care about my clients and how they are doing

I’ve been where you are, understand how it feels, and know the paths out.

I’m not easily shocked or intimidated. I’ve heard it all, I can hold it all.

I offer online or telephone sessions for your convenience. You don’t have to travel to me which saves you time and money.

I offer a confidential, safe, supportive, and non-judgemental environment in which to work. I am a registered BACP Member and I adhere to the BACP code of ethics.

Going to therapy doesn’t define you. On the contrary, it refines you.

Here are some of the benefits you may find you gain:

Why invest in therapy? Because you matter too!

Think of it this way, therapy is the mental and emotional education you never got at school. There is no greater gift than investing in your wellbeing!

Single Session Package - Power Hour

Like Dorothy in her ruby slippers, we often have the tools we need to get where we are going, but we need help putting them to use. A 60 minute Power Hour session can help you get back on track with the knowledge and skills to move forwards with that one issue you need help with.  This is also helpful if we have already worked together but you may need to “check in”.

60 minutes session – £60

3 Session Package - Gaining Understanding

Life often throws obstacles and anxieties our way, and it can be hard to tell what we can handle and when we should consider leaning on others for support. When you recognise stressors beginning to impact other areas of your life, for example in relationships or when specific anxiety begins to impact life more broadly, it may be time to find support through beginning counselling.

Beginning with 3 sessions I will listen to your story and help you make connections. I will offer guidance or recommendations if you feel lost, but I won’t tell you what to do. We will work together to empower you to take action on your own and understand why self- care is important.  You can continue with further sessions if you choose.

3 x 60 minutes sessions – £180

6 Session Package - Solid Gains

You are ready to invest in yourself (because you’re worth it!)

You may have anxiety or depression and feeling plain overwhelmed. You may be trying to juggle everything in your life or balancing roles and expectations and the first thing to go is self-care. You may feel in survival mode.  I won’t fix you because you’re not broken. (Although it might feel that way).

 But here’s how I may help starting with 6 sessions:

Investing in yourself is the best investment you’ll ever make. You deserve to be happy.

6 x 60 minutes sessions – £360

Believe it or not, life-changing, impact-making progress is possible - all you have to do is take one small step forward to begin.

I’d love to help support you, wherever you are in your journey.

Therapy FAQs

Deciding to seek therapy is a really positive step to take but here are some common questions you may have if deciding to begin therapy (I know I did!)

I get this. Life is busy and the to- do list never stops. But, sometimes you have to put yourself first. If you can’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of others in your life.

Maybe you feel you need to handle things on your own, it’s difficult for you to ask for help (and friends on social media are handling things fine) This can be a lonely place but why wait until things are at crisis point to gain tools and knowledge to manage what is uncomfortable for you? Ask yourself why you’re not worth it? There’s no hierarchy as to who deserves help more than others.

Each session is, essentially, a problem-solving session. You describe your current situation, and your feelings about it, and then I will help to assist you in trying to resolve that problem so you can move closer to having the life you wish to have. You won’t be criticised, interrupted, or judged as you speak. You can say exactly as you feel without worrying that you’re going to hurt someone’s feelings, damage a relationship, or be penalised in any way. Anything you want—or need—to say is OK and is strictly confidential.

It’s different for each client.  One session can work (because sometimes one brave honest conversation is all you need) to several weeks or months booked by a client to focus on one issue or move on to another challenge. The choice is yours.

Please reach out to me if you have any other questions about beginning therapy.

Ready to get in touch?